Happiness is not ready-made, you have to create it!

*The reason people find it so diligent to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.*

It is very common these days, a lot of people are in their search for happiness, search for it not within themselves but in other people and in materialistic things. Many of them assume that things such as a good job, more money, better relationships and others, will give them the happiness that they are looking for.

But, the truth is, we can only find true happiness and contentment if we look within ourselves and we learn how to be our own best friend.

Even if our experience of happiness sometimes appears to be coming from an outer source or an event, the true happiness is coming from within us. Just remember that!


Have you ever been there? I am sure you must have, because we all have.

Happiness is a practice. It’s on us to learn it.
While some days are easier to find a smile than other days, happiness is a daily choice. Life constantly tests our ability to make a lemon martini out of the sourest of lemons.

*The only joy in the world is to begin..!*

Happiness is a special type of feeling which makes us active or which gives us joy or else which helps us in leading a good life. And, this happiness cannot be made by somebody and it is not a thing which can be bought from a shop.
Happiness comes from our actions and it is in our own hands and depends on ourselves. It is no one’s task or a job to bring your happiness unless you allow them. Don’t wait for others to bring your happiness or don’t get upset with them when they don’t do so. If you want to be happy, act happy and be the happiness of your own life. Whatever you want, you just have to bring it into your life.
Some people find their happiness in materialistic possessions and money. But, all this gives us temporary happiness. The happiness which comes from our own actions will be never be forgotten by us and it will be a permanent one that is from now to forever, to the end of our life. Like, the parents find their real happiness in their child’s success and happiness. This happiness will be forever and will last long.

Everyone says that *happiness comes from richness* but it is wrong. The richest are not the happiest people in the world and in the same way the poorest are not the saddest people in the world. Even a beggar can lead a happy life while a billionaire leads a life of sorrow. It all depends on our own actions. Therefore, it proves that happiness is not related with money but it is related with our actions.
Most of the people in the world want to be happy but only a few achieve this.


So, be ready to find your inner happiness by following these very easy steps –

  • Start Strong
  • Plan less and live slower
  • Know what makes you happy
  • Smile
  • Be around people who make you happy
  • Be selfless
  • Just get lost in the flood of happiness

So act happy, be happy, make everyone happy around you and lead the happiest life.

Now, you know the routine. I choose happiness. How about you?

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama