How to train your brain to think more clearly

Train your Brain!

Your mate texts you about their frustrating day, your taxes have to be filed, the radio expatriates news of another disaster somewhere. With the wonders of technology and high-speed interaction between us all, we are finding it more and more difficult to keep our mental machinery chugging away at optimum performance. What all you need is scheduled maintenance.

Just like a car, brain too needs fuel and regular care to perform like you need it to.  If you drive a Ferrari too many miles without adding gasoline, it will rattle and quit on you.  Similarly, brain is precision crafted—there is no substitute.  

Thinking clearly can be a challenge for everyone at times, and it’s even harder when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. Keeping your body and brain healthy is an important first step to clearing your mind and getting your thinking on track. Minimizing distractions and staying organized can also help. Finally, keep your brain sharp by thinking critically and doing thought exercises that flex your mental muscles.

As said, Opening up the flow of thinking clearly is like discovering that you’ve been driving a car with the emergency brake on—and suddenly experiencing what it feels like when you release the brake and can drive freely.

Want to think like Einstein?
Apply these brain boosters to increase your brain power. Faster learning, better memory, sharper thinking, out-of-the-box problem solving, more efficiency and productivity and enhanced creativity… get into the habit of thinking like the great thinkers!

Thankfully, your brain has truly remarkable capabilities, and there are ways to tap into them. Try the following tips to boost your brain power!

  • Meditate – Very dissimilar from sleeping, meditation is focused concentration on right now.  The best brain exercise ever! It gets your brain functioning in different wave patterns by clearing the past thoughts and keeping the mind in the present—not worried about the future, not haunted by the past, but simply focused on right now.
  • Sleep! – Just try depriving your brain of sleep long enough and you’ll simply go crazy. So, practice good sleeping habits to keep yourself at your sharpest. Brain needs sleep to organize what has happened during the day. Memories are processed and learning is archived during sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll simply not think clearly.
  • Use Caffeine in Moderation – Having a little caffeine—like a cup of tea or coffee with breakfast—can help you feel more alert and focused, and may even be good for your brain’s health. Too much, however, can leave you feeling jittery, anxious, and ultimately less focused and clear-headed. It can also make it harder for you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Exercise – Exercise that is active enough that you might break a sweat or start breathing a little faster.  Brisk pace for half an hour, 5 days a week, kind of an exercise can stimulate blood flow to your brain, improve your memory function, and reduce stress and anxiety—all of which lead to clearer thinking.

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  • Eat wellGive your brain energy and nutrients, not fillers and chemicals from junk/processed food. Nutrients will not only give you the energy you need to stay alert, but can also improve the health and function of your brain. Eat exceptionally well!
  • Always think PositiveWay of thinking has a huge impact on our mental outlook and emotional wellness. If you fill your brain with negative thoughts, then you may feel daunted by your studies and ready to give up when things get stressful. Strive to approach your work with a positive mindset at all times. 
  • Read More Reading improves memory recall, empathy, concentration, and creativity. It expands the knowledge and vocabulary too. Apart from this, reading is a great way to relieve stress when feeling under pressure. Instead of sitting passively and wasting time, reach for the bookshelf and give your brain a workout! 
  • Stay focused and organized – Limit your access to digital distractions. If you’re trying to focus on a task that requires a lot of thought, put away your phone and avoid the temptation to mess around on the internet. These distractions can interrupt the flow of your thinking and make it hard to concentrate. 
  • Stop Multitasking! – Your brain is capable of bouncing between one task and another, but it is unlikely that it will be fully focused on either task. Multi-tasking is not good for learning – it reduces your attention span, concentration levels, and short-term memory. Do one thing at a time, exceptionally well. Stay Focus!

You can definitely train your brain to think better! You don’t need to master every inch of every subject to become a world-class thinker. Of all the mental models humankind has generated throughout history, there are just a few dozen that you need to learn to have a firm grasp of how the world works.

While none of these tips and suggestions are helpful when practiced in excess, they each add to brain health.  So to prevent your brain from pinging or backfiring, give it a tune-up with these maintenance activities, and your thinking will be clear and smooth.

You have brain in your head, you have feet in your shoes. So, you can guide yourself any direction you choose! Get-Set-Ready-Go!