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To live a healthy lifestyle, people are now looking for quality healthcare services. Besides, nowadays, they don’t want to travel to hospitals and clinics. They are looking for a way through which they can have different health care services sitting at their homes. This is why Virtual POCT is there. Virtual POCT is established to provide remote health care services in developing countries.

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The Objective

Sousan Bagherpoor, Founder of Virtual POCT, started this company to help people of developing countries to obtain high-quality healthcare services. The company has some highly professional healthcare experts who are committed to offer all the required healthcare facilities to people whenever they want. She understands how developing countries are struggling with various healthcare-related issues. Besides, she also understands the importance of creating employment in developing countries. Keeping all these things in mind, she entered into the healthcare sector of developing countries with Virtual POCT.

About Virtual POCT

The primary aim of Virtual POCT is to connect all the remote areas located in developing countries to a highly trained and professional doctor, along with providing superior healthcare services. As an advanced healthcare services provider, Virtual POCT integrates innovation as well as technology to establish a quality and accessible healthcare ecosystem and framework.

In developing countries, especially in remote areas, people are struggling to get the required healthcare services. For per 10,000 people, there is only one laboratory professional. Besides, around 500 laboratories are working based on the international standard. There are not many fully functional laboratories, so the test turnaround time is more. In developing countries, more than 22.5 million people are suffering from HIV. All such healthcare-related issues are now increasing due to the poor healthcare infrastructure. This is why virtual POCT is established.

It deals with two major services, i.e., Telemedicine and Point Of Care Testing. With its telemedicine service, it let the doctors and other healthcare service provider offer high-quality health care services to people living in rural or remote areas. Different geographical barriers are preventing people from getting healthcare services. But not now. Virtual POCT’s telemedicine service eliminates all those barriers, bringing together patients and doctors. Virtual POCT is the first company to enter this sector in developing countries. The company is now working on a QMS that will be ISO certified to offer faster and better lab results and POCT-Point of Care Testing environment. POCT will help the doctors to get the results in a few minutes so that they can offer immediate treatment. On the other hand, the company is using an advanced drone delivery system to deliver various healthcare services in remote areas.

Another great service offered by Virtual POCT is Point Of Care Testing. Under this service, doctors can examine the patients through online video calls. All they need to log into the web-based service and go through a few questions. After that, the doctors and nurses will go through the answers and will consult them accordingly. The prescribed medicine will be provided to the patients through drones.

Sousan Bagherpoor is committed to bringing high-quality healthcare services to the doorsteps. With Virtual POCT, this is possible. Go on and book your Point Of Care Testing now.

An Agenda for Healthcare Equality

With a single-pronged agenda of working with commitment to foster ideal health conditions and ensure the prosperity of people, Virtual POCT is dedicated to bringing a new revolution in developing countries healthcare landscape.

Virtual POCT has planned the establishment of a first of its kind telemedicine and Point Of Care clinics.

Driving Forces of Virtual POCT

Virtual POCT’s capabilities reflect clearly in its healthcare system.

In addition, a properly planned healthcare system provides the necessary boost for Virtual POCT’s efficiency.

One of the most critical factors driving the motivation of Virtual POCTfor establishing a foundation for the improvement of healthcare infrastructure in developing countries is technology. Virtual POCT has been successful in leveraging technology to progress ahead with its dream of delivering advanced healthcare facilities in developing countries.

The benefits of technology have helped Virtual POCT in improving accessibility to instant tests, proper medication, and professional treatments for people in remote regions of developing countries.

“It is hard to talk about a middle ground for something that is a fundamental right.”- Teri Reynolds, The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad

Establishing Trust in Advanced Healthcare

Virtual POCT is fostering the symbiotic relationship between technology and healthcare for enabling healthcare service providers to provide the ideal levels of care for people in remote or rural settings.

The vision of Virtual POCT to diminish the impact of geographical constraints on the accessibility of healthcare is based on quality. Compliance with ISO15189 and ISO22870 standards are the foremost strengths for validating Virtual POCT’s capability to deliver accurate lab results and ideal Point of Care Testing (POCT) environments.

Technological Expertise for Accessible Healthcare

Virtual POCT could achieve faster resolution of healthcare problems alongside exploring new opportunities for leveraging modern technology. The advanced drone delivery system is one of the promising examples that showcase Virtual POCT’s drive for enhancing the developing countries’ healthcare landscape.

One of the critical strengths of Virtual POCT in its pursuit of delivering efficient healthcare in remote areas of developing countries is a Point Of Care Testing. Online video calls and question-based evaluation of the patient’s condition are prominent contributions of Virtual POCT in the transformation of healthcare in developing countries. Faster access to expert healthcare professionals and assurance of the face-to-face conversation enable Virtual POCT to increase the participation of more people in easy access to healthcare.

The People behind Virtual POCT’s Success

The certified operators and lab technicians are also one of the foundational pillars for Virtual POCT’s efficiency. Most important of all, the support of qualified senior professionals in the management of Virtual POCT’s operations simplifies access to reliable and advanced healthcare services.

In the long run, Virtual POCT aims to create a new world where accessible healthcare in remote and rural regions is no more distant reality.


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