President of WGC chapter Toronto

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Initiating a change towards betterment is the need of the hour in the global scenario. The Women of Global Change (WGC) stands up for the cause and strives to bring about the much-required change for a better world. 

The Women of Change is a network of business entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who together works towards making the big things happen with collaborative efforts. Like-minded leaders who are engaged in different global businesses come together to initiate a positive change in the world. Through many humanitarian projects, the business leaders are engaged in working for the betterment of themselves, their communities as well as the world as a whole. 

President of WGC Chapter Toronto

Sousan Bagherpoor is the president of WGC Chapter Toronto. She is a true example of a woman taking the initiative in leadership and change. She has successfully handled diverse job roles with the best of her efforts. Currently, she is a POCT specialist in Canadian health care systems. In addition to this role, she is also the CEO of Goda Digital Inc.

The diverse roles managed by Sousan, speak of leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. Her commitment and determination have helped her achieve success in every job role. As a president of WGC Chapter Toronto, she believes in continuous learning to bring about the best changes across the globe. 

Sousan has successfully showcased her leadership skills by forming, working, and managing international teams with strong team dynamics. She is an efficient learner and enjoys getting engaged in different types of learning experiences. With strong commitment, she sets an example for other women to fulfill their desires. She reflects an example that women can be the torchbearers of change in modern times. 

Sousan Bagherpoor believes in not giving up on any challenge that comes in the way of personal or professional life. She takes pride in conquering the potential challenges. She considers everyone in her surroundings as a source of inspiration and learns from them to become a better leader. With dynamic traits and professional credentials, Sousan Bagherpoor stands as a promising woman to drive positive change across the globe in the present scenario. 

The objective of Sousan Bagherpoor

One of the key objectives of Sousan Bagherpoor is to create awareness about social medicine and social determinants of health. By creating awareness about the important topic of recent times, she helps individuals in better understanding the social and economic conditions that can affect health, disease, as well as medicine practice. 

The main objective of Sousan is to help the people affected due to health inequities. She takes the initiative to help improve the overall health outcomes of people. By creating awareness about social medicine and social determinants, Sousan tries to improve communication, optimize health outcomes, and reduce health care inequities. She intends to assist the individuals in understanding the relationship between environmental conditions and individual health. 

Sousan takes the initiative and puts in her best efforts to do something for the individuals suffering due to a lack of awareness about social medicine or social determinants. She helps in ensuring the betterment of individual health in communities as well as across the globe. She believes that awareness about the social determinants will act as a steward for medical care that is much required in the present times. Through the noble objective of creating awareness about social medicine, Sousan Bagherpoor takes the initiative of a positive change across the globe. 

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