Consultation Services: For Laboratories and Manufacturers


The landscape of healthcare is changing day-by-day. Healthcare providers face new challenges every day and have to adapt to changes in how care is delivered. We understand these challenges and offer solutions that help you develop health management solutions that are in sync with the ever-changing requirements.

Point-Of-Care Testing has emerged as one such revolutionary health management solution in recent times. Since it removes the need for testing in a lab, it has managed to make testing more cost-effective and drastically reduced waiting times. The new model of delivery means that access to healthcare has increased and speedy, accurate insights are now easily available.

Irrespective of whether you need implementation of Point-of-care settings in your healthcare establishment or you need a facilitator to introduce your point-of-care products to a healthcare establishment, we are there for you. We assist hospitals, clinics, and manufacturers. Services offered –

  • Laboratory Quality management system development

Speaking about the laboratory quality, this can be a combination of timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of different test results. If you want to offer superior health care services, your laboratory result should be highly accurate, and this is where you will need the best QMS- Quality Management System. 

With years of experience in this field, Sousan, a certified Clinical Laboratory Quality Manager and POCT- Point of Care Testing expert, and her team have helped laboratories across the USA & Canada to deploy QMS. The system will cover all the aspects of your laboratory’s operations, such as processes, procedures, and organizational structures. Get in touch with Virtual POCT now to know how to develop and deploy a perfect QMS in your laboratory and keep it running smoothly.


  • Development of Point of Care Testing program based on required Regulatory standards

Triggered by faster diagnostic paybacks, Point of Care Testing, also known as near-patient testing, has extensively modernized patient care. However, implementing a perfect Point of Care Testing program while following all the required regulatory standards can be very challenging for some healthcare service providers. 

This where they can take the help of Virtual POCT, a highly experienced and advanced Healthcare service provider. Are you finding it challenging to implement your POCT products? The team is there to help you out. They have helped many clinics, manufacturers, and hospitals in this. They understand the real challenges faced by the healthcare service providers and offer the best solutions. 


  • Training development and delivery

As healthcare providers’ shortage looms, health system training development and delivery programs become crucial for healthcare service providers.  Such programs are quite helpful in retaining your current employees, enhancing their skills, and positively impacting the health system’s quality. 

As a result, you will be able to better healthcare services for your patients. So, are you planning to arrange a perfect training program for your staff but don’t know how to make it successful? Don’t worry at all and get in touch with Virtual POCT. Collaborate with the team now to get perfect solutions. They can also analyze your existing health system compliance training and development strategies to come up with more effective solutions. 


  • Preparation of required device validation plan

There are different ways to conduct device validation plans, but sometimes you can face production volumes and manufacturing complexity issues. You won’t find many suggestions on deploying a perfect device validation plan based on the FDA regulations. To make it successful, you need to craft a detailed PVP- Process Validation Plan. 

While it is quite essential to validate your medical devices to get accurate results, you can always help Virtual POCT to come up with a perfect medical device validation plan. As an advanced healthcare service provider, the team has helped many hospitals and clinics integrate a validation plan. They can suggest what to validate, how and when you should do it. Call the team now. 


  • Preparation of Laboratory’s Path of WorkFlow  

Talking about laboratory workflow, it is defined as a set of rules to coordinate and manage tasks between systems and people. When there is a perfect workflow, it will ensure that all the requirements and steps required for laboratory management are correctly followed so that you can lower the cost and time for sample collection, preparation, testing, and report generation. 

So, if you are running a laboratory and want to verify the workflow’s effectiveness, you can take the help of Virtual POCT. They have been working in this field for years and can suggest to you some best strategies for that. The team can also help you to identify constraints and obstacles within the lab workflow. Go for it and maximize your laboratory throughput while adhering to required quality standards. 


  • Prepare laboratories to meet various Canadian accreditation agencies

The medical laboratories’ function and practice are highly regulated by different governmental regulations and various standards set by a professional organization. It is mandatory for all the laboratories to strictly follow the standard of care. Before commencing the operation, you need to make sure that your laboratory perfectly meets the requirements of:

  • Accreditation Canada/Institute of Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH)
  • Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) 
  • College of American Pathologist (CAP)

Getting accreditation is very crucial as it will ensure that your laboratory meets the explicit quality management criteria. So, how to make sure that your facility has all the features to meet such requirements?

Get in touch with Virtual POCT to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your laboratory. As a Point of Care Testing expert, they can suggest the best strategies to obtain necessary permits.


  • Regulatory compliance assessment and implementation

Running a clinic or hospital is not an easy thing, and it comes with some responsibilities that you need to follow very strictly. Besides, you need to make sure that your healthcare center is compliant with all the requirements, policies, and laws. Don’t know how to do it? 

Don’t worry at all as you can now take the help of Virtual POCT to make it possible. The team has been helping hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare service providers in adapting to the changing regulatory environment. They can suggest three levels of engagement: strategy level, operational efficiency level, and remediation level. After understanding the path of workflow, the experts suggest and implement appropriate policies, processes, procedures, forms to keep your unit running smoothly. Book an appointment now. 


  • Performance of Gap Analysis 

You might be wondering why GAP analysis is necessary for a hospital or clinic? When it comes to increasing your clinic or hospital’s efficiency, and profitability, you need to conduct a Gap Analysis. Once done, you will focus on your resources and working procedures much better than before. Besides, the analysis will show you the areas that need to be improved. To make your Gap analysis more useful, you can also combine this with other strategic planning frameworks, for example, SWOT Analysis. 

But how to make your Gap analysis successful? What is the best way to conduct it? This is where you can work with Virtual POCT. Using their years of experience and expertise, they can successfully carry out a comprehensive Gap analysis of your hospital. Hire them now and enjoy an increased success for your healthcare center. 


  • Standard Operating Procedure development

Talking about SOP- Standard Operating Procedures, these generally work instructions or written documents that carry all the necessary steps involved in a process and procedure. Every clinic, laboratory, and hospital should follow some particular SOPs to prevent unwanted issues that can affect their patients. 

With the help of Virtual POCT, you can quickly come up with a perfect SOP that can effectively systematize the process. The team will make sure that all the operations and activities are perfectly aligned to work in accordance with governmental regulations. Besides, they can develop an SOP that will clearly show staff’s roles and responsibilities by offering descriptions of who does when and what. This will also promote consistency and accountability. 


  • Policy development

It has been proved that an effective and result-oriented policy structure can effectively strengthen a hospital or clinic’s culture, procedures and guide staff behaviors to deliver superior quality patient care. Virtual POCT, with years of experience implementing effective Point of Care and medical lab development strategies, can help you develop, implement, and maintain an updated policy structure. 

When you work with Virtual POCT, you will expand your understanding of effective policies and create a perfectly customized policy that will adequately reflect your performance expectations. They will also work on policy development covering tracking forms, process and procedure writing, etc. With this, you can quickly achieve improved patient care, better operational efficiency, and more. Call Virtual POCT now for more details.