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Did you know having self-confidence is as censorious to your overall happiness and well-being as good nutrition is to your health?
That may sound like a dramatization, but research shows having self-confidence dramatically improves your finances, your relationships, your career, and your achievement in all areas of your life.

Did you know that Amazon lists over 100,000 results when you search for *Personality Development* in books? Even when you limit it down to books in the self-help category, you will still be presented with over 20,000 results – and that is just books and doesn’t even include the countless articles, courses, blogs, podcasts, documentaries and all sorts of other content. There surely is no scarcity of insights and wisdom on the topic.

Of course, it is nice when life hands us things on a plate, preferably with a spoon and fork, maybe followed by dessert. But how would that make us stronger? Unless we experience the value of struggling, how can we realize our true potential? Agree or not?

Sometimes, we need to embrace our struggles and obstacles in life to become stronger.
Without them, we might end up being crippled—emotionally, mentally, physically.
And, then we would never fly.
We need to go through tough situations to learn how strong we truly are.

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